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Please be advised that orders made paying through the websites takes 2-3 days to get to me, After receiving the payment I proceed with placing your order in

Here's a break down on how preordering works.

AFFIRM takes 2-3 BUSINESS days get to me, After receiving the payment I proceed with placing your order in.

Paying with offline payment your order goes in same day , natural colored wigs ship out within 2-3 days. 

Paying online with your card takes 2 business days to process & gets to me, After receiving the payment I proceed with placing your order in, natural color wigs takes 2-3 days to be made, colored wigs take 3-4 days to be made. After shipping it takes. 3-5 business days to receive your order.

 To skip processing days please check out using zelle, apple pay, or cashapp ( you need a valid ID if paying with cashapp ) 

If you need hair faster please try purchasing hair on hand!!

Business days does NOT include weekends. 

Please refrain from asking " when is my order going to be shipped"

Can hair on hand be shipped? YES! order before 5pm and your order will be shipped same day. 


Info about shipping

We only ship on Business days therefore if you order on Friday, your order may not be shipped until Monday. Certain hair textures or colors have to be produced. Natural Color straight wigs 12”-30” ship the same or next day. Read product descriptions & our shipping policy before placing orders. you can order through me with Zelle, cash or apple pay if you'd like to skip processing days from the website. PLEASE BE ADVISED ordering through the website it can take up to 4-5 business days to get to me.  If you need it before a certain event, order at least two weeks ahead prior incase delays occur . If you are in need of a rush order, try purchasing hair on hand. 



We will only expect a return 1-3 days after you received your Hair

IF there was a mistake on our end. We will do everything we can to make sure we fix the issue. Only wigs with our logo stamped to the back can be returned.


We don't offer refunds unless it is an issue on our end. If there is an issue when you receive your hair , please return it for a full refund or we can correct the issue

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